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Easily the best Bank Holiday Bargain I’ve come across are these fab espadrilles from Office. They have a great selection of summer shades and prints and you don’t have to worry about picking just the one pair – they’re 2 for £15!

Perfect for laid back day’s when you want to kick back and enjoy the sunshine, I’m definitely going to be bagging a couple (at least).

The first add to basket click will be these beauts

Leopard print canvas espadrille


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Miso Brown Brogues
Miso Brogue Lace Up Shoe £39.99

Anyone who knows me knows that since the age of, ah say 12, I NEVER wear flat shoes. Nor trainers for that matter, though I do own the odd pair of heeled or wedged sneakers and pumps.

Tan lace up brogue shoes by Miso

Why then am I so drawn to these cute and stylish little brogues? For the past week I’ve toyed with the idea of buying them but knowing my poor relationship with flats I don’t think I’ll wear them more than once (if that). Throw me a heeled pair and they’d be on my feet before the shoe attendant could finish asking what size I’d like to try but I just don’t know about these…

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