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Lush lavender strappy wedges from River Island (as seen in Look magazine). I want me a pair of these! http://www.riverisland.com


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Brown Platform heels

Strappy Brown Platform Sandals

Brown High heel platform sandals

It’s hard to know what to buy in this awkward in between phase. Do we buy wellies for the snow that promises come or sandals for spring which is just around the corner? You can’t win and as Sod’s law would have it, whatever weather you account for mother nature will always throw you a curve ball so buy what you like and layer as necessary! Based on this very motto I chose these chunky tan platforms from Republic, £35. I’m a fan of the concealed platform and the peak-a-boo cutaway style makes them a perfect pair of transitional heels to bridge the gap between winter and the forthcoming spring summer season. Not a full shoe yet not quite a sandal. Wear with socks or tights until brighter warmer days (finally) come.


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Looks like Matalan has some greatness in store for us this season!

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Brown Wedged Sandals
Summer’s here and it wouldn’t be official if I hadn’t bought a brand spanking new pair of sandals!

I’m a sucker for high wedges and can’t help but singing their praises when asked “are they comfy?”. The everyday height boost us short (ahem…vertically challenged) girls out there needs can be found in the genius that is a good pair of wedges!
I picked up these stunners at Matalan for a guilt quenching £18!!

Brown wedges sandals

They are ridiculously high (the sky scraper of the footwear world!) and I’ll surely break my ankle should I tipple over in them, but they are my new favourite buy and I absolutely love them!

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